Stories of Gratitude

Compassionate Care, Every Step of the Way

In early 2022, Laura was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was scared … until she sat down for her first appointment at Breast Center at Saint Agnes. Dr. Kristen Fernandez immediately put her at ease. She explained exactly what had been found, answered every question, and told her what to expect in the weeks and months to come. Laura left that appointment knowing that the road ahead would be a long and hard one, but that she was going to be under the care of experts who would guide her every step of the way, and make it as easy as possible for her, as the patient.

Since then, Laura has undergone multiple surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation. The breast team at Saint Agnes has provided care and support that has exceeded her expectations in so many ways. They have help her make practical decisions, based on the facts, and also provided a level of emotional support that was so important and valued.

“The people who take care of you are absolutely amazing. Every person here goes the extra mile and makes you feel like you are their only patient. They tell you their approach is holistic and they mean it. As a patient, I feel it.”

Laura is incredibly grateful for compassionate care she has received at the Saint Agnes Breast Center.