Each year on March 30, we celebrate National Doctors’ Day and honor the healthcare professionals in our lives. This year, as our caregivers continue to face the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, honoring the selflessness and dedication of our doctors is more important, and more meaningful, than ever before.   

Our physicians are going above and beyond. They are not just healing bodies, but healing hearts, inspiring hope, and providing a much-needed hand to hold for the sick and suffering. 

As our doctors continue to give everything they have during this time of struggle in our community and our country, it’s now our turn to give back to them in honor of Doctors’ Day 2022 in the form of a gift to Saint Agnes Foundation for the Resident Research Fund. Ascension Saint Agnes Director of the Internal Medicine Residency Program, Sapna Kuehl, MD, says the impact that donors make when they support research is tremendous.

“Your donation to the Resident Research Fund will allow Saint Agnes Hospital to invest in training for new doctors and open doors for them to participate in research and present their findings to the larger medical community at local and national levels. Doctors of today and tomorrow are lifelong learners. Their analysis of clinical data improves understanding in the medical community and informs the decision-making process when we face new and emerging diseases, such as COVID-19. Your donation will give our doctors access to new opportunities and highlight the great work taking place at Ascension Saint Agnes Hospital.”

Beyond financial support, your stories can inspire others, too. Please take a moment to share your experiences with the doctors and caregivers at Ascension Saint Agnes. We will convey your messages directly to them, so they can see how their energy and efforts really do make a difference. 

Thank you for recognizing the incredible contributions our doctors make in our lives and in our communities. Deepfelt concern for the well-being of you, your family, and your neighbors is the reason why our physicians and other providers do what they do. And it’s only you who can, with your contribution, make this Doctors’ Day the most powerful and meaningful yet.

Please make your gift by March 28, 2022 to be included in the celebrations!