Funding Priorities

Growing to Meet the Needs of Our Community

Lots of exciting things are happening at Saint Agnes. The work we are doing is truly impacting and improving lives. We are so grateful for the people from within our organization and community, who understand our vision for the future and who are committed to supporting it. As an organization, we have come so far. But the reality is … we are just getting started. There is so much more we CAN and WILL do, as we think about all the ways our hospital can continue to be a true blessing for the people of Baltimore.

This page spotlights a few key programs and projects that we consider top funding priorities, based on the impact they have – or will have – for the patients and community Saint Agnes serves.

Family Birthing Center

One of our most important funding priorites is a complete renovation of the hospital’s Mother/Baby Unit, a place where new life is brought into the world every single day. We are desiging and building a new environment of care for these special momments to occur, and it’s going to be magnificent. Thie project requires a capital investment of $35 million, and the Saint Agnes Foundation has committed to contributing $5 million in support.

Mobile Health Clinic

Saint Agnes recently introduced a Mobile Health Clinic, which aims to increase access to healthcare for many citizens of Baltimore. The unit visits communities across the City, meeting people “where they are” and bringing much-needed healthcare services outside of the walls of the hospital. 

Daughters of Charity Fund

This long-standing charitable giving fund supports various Mission activities that take place at Saint Agnes throughout the year. These activities celebrate the importance and value of the hospital’s founding Mission, and keep it alive, with a continued committment to serving those who are poor and most vulnerable.

Employee Wellness

We know how important it is to make sure we are taking good care of the people who ultimately take care of our patients. The reality is that the associates we know, love, and call our own, can and do experience hardships of their own. We are committed to supporting them during their greatest time of need, as well as providing valuable resources to help our team make their own health and wellness a top priority. Gifts allocated to Employee Wellness allow us to support employees financially as needed, sustain existing programs, and also build new programs, to take care of our own.

The Family Birthing Center will be a place where men and women will become moms and dads and where newborn babies will take their very first breaths and let out their very first cries. It will be a remarkable place to bring new life into the world. We plan to open the new unit by 2025.