Delivering Health Beyond Healthcare

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Saint Agnes has earned a reputation as one of the best hospitals in Baltimore. Our doors are open 24 hours per day, seven days per week, and 365 days per year, so the people of Baltimore have a place to turn for high quality, outcomes based, compassionate care – at all times.

We are incredibly proud of the investments we have made, to assure the latest, most advanced, and highest quality healthcare is avaialble for patients who choose our hospital.

The impact of our committment is clear when you talk to people like Dwight, who relied on Saint Agnes for comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation services following his heart transplant surgery, or people like Annie, who received lifesaving care after being diagnosed with breast cancer – and has now been in remission and living life to the fullest, for more than 20 years. These are just two examples of the many stories that can be shared, that explain how and why people have come to trust and love Saint Agnes. 

But we know that today, more than ever before, it is important that we make healthcare accessible in new ways. Bringing out services out into the community, and meeting people where they are, rather than assuming they will have the means to come to us, is key. Our annual Community Health Needs assessment gives us information and perspective to continuously build and grow our community-based services in ways that truly meet local needs. The work of the Saint Agnes Health Institute and programs like Care in the Gap and our Mobile Health Unit are designed to provide these much-needed resources, in line with our Mission.

Here, delivering “health beyond healthcare” is more than an idea. It’s a passion.

With support from generous donors and partners, Saint Agnes is able to continuously invest in our future.

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