Stories of Gratitude

Living a Better and Healthier Kind of Life​

Keith was struggling to live his life the way he wanted to. He was tired all of the time. His body ached. And, he found it impossible to do anything physical – from climbing ladders on the job to getting down on the ground to play with his grandchildren. At 329 pounds, he knew the time was right to make some serious and permanent changes, and with guidance from his primary care physician, he made the decision to have bariatric surgery at Ascension Saint Agnes. 

Keith’s gastric sleeve surgery resulted in a weight loss of more than 110 pounds. Today, his life is different in every imaginable way. He makes smart, conscious decisions every day about food and exercise. He enjoys being active with his family. And, he is living the life of a true athlete. He has completed three triathlons, as well as the Baltimore Marathon.

“The education and support you receive as a bariatric patient at Ascension Saint Agnes is truly top notch, and is why I have been so successful. I am 50 years old but I feel like I am 25. I now live to support and inspire others.”

Keith has changed his life for the better, following bariatric surgery at Ascension Saint Agnes.