Stories of Gratitude

A New Outlook on Life, With Heart Health in Check

Carlos was getting ready to head to the gym when he suddenly, began experiencing chest pain and shortness of breath. His instincts told him something was seriously wrong, so he bypassed the gym, and instead headed straight to Saint Agnes. Testing conducted in the Emergency Department and on the Cardiovascular Unit showed a left ventricular thrombosis and a 23% injection fraction, in his heart. A plan of care was mapped out, requiring that Carlos take seven different kinds of medication and two daily injections, as well as schedule visits to Saint Agnes’ Heart Failure Clinic, twice a week.

Carlos made a significant number of changes, with a goal to make his health a new and top priority. The support he received from Saint Agnes helped him turn his life around, and has inspired him to share his personal story, as a way of giving back and helping others. Today, although Carlos continues to take daily medication to keep his heart health in check, he eats a well-balanced diet, exercises regularly, and pays more attention to his body than ever before. He is healthy, happy, and grateful, and doesn’t take his life for granted any longer.

“I want to thank that doctors, nurses, and staff at Saint Agnes for their patience, advice, and emotional support through what was the scariest moment of my life. They helped me get beyond this. They saved my life.”

Carlos relied on the Heart Failure Clinic at Saint Agnes as he made important lifestyle changes, to make his health a new and top priority. He credits Saint Agnes for saving his life.